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Books on Islamiat

Okay Folks,
I have always been curious about and fascinated by Pakistanis perceive religion.  Right from the Ranger at the border whose first question to me was "Kis Mazhab se waasta rakhte ho" to the Rickshaw driver who showed me old town Lahore, who after guessing Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Sialkot and seeing me shake my head finaly said "ho te tussi saade Mussalmaan bhare e."  Natuarally, I made a beeline to Ferozsons on the Mall Road near the Assembly and Chaman Ice Cream to get my hands on books I could find on Islamiat from a Pakistani perspective.  I was able to find three, which I bought.  One of them is with me at the moment and the other two are in Virginia.
1. History of Islam by Dr. Abdur Rauf
2. Islamiat by Farkhanda Noor Ahmed
3. The third book, which I haven't read
Are any of the first two books standard issue for instruction in schools and colleges?  What is the prescribed book at UET and where could I buy it?

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Sardool, History of Islam by Dr. Rauf is a very good book. It's got everything in chronological order and is detailed where it should be detailed.

The Islamiat books prescribed for UETians as part of their years syllabus are in Urdu, I'm not sure if you're looking for books in English only. The Urdu books are available easily in Lahore Urdu Bazaar, and the same books are used by almost all BSc and BA courses in different colleges.

Islamiat books in Urdu are abundantly available almost in every book shop in town. Urdu Bazaar, Ferzosons, Vanguard Books, Multiline Books on Hall Road, Anarkali Bazaar... and many more. Ferozsons have a good collection, the Mall Road branch, not the others they have opened up in Lahore Airport and Defence.


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To be very frank, in UET Islamiat is only taught because if they don't teach, Mullahs will start saying that Islam is in danger. Otherwise, nobdy is interested there in teaching or studying Islamiat.

As a book, they follow the guides for BA students written by some self declared scholars. I remember, In whole four years, I kept on taking exams on the topics of five Wazoo or Ghusal kay masail, Purday ke ahmeeat, Azwaj e Mutahirraat and those surface issues which I already had studied in Matric and FSc Studies. And in my opinion, these isues don't have too much importance when one needs to understand the core Theory of islam.

And about the standard of UET Islamiat Teachers, Once Chairman of department while teaching us declared that Thirty years before (In Zulifqar Bhutto's era), Pakistan was ruled by Kuffar Forces. So, you can understand how much high level of islamiat are we studying there.

As far as I remember, Hafiz Saeed Ahmed of Dawat ul Irshaad also used to be the professor of islamiat at UET. And after that he started recruiting "Mujahideen/Terrorist" to send them for the troubled sisters in Kashmir. You can well imagine, what a standard of Islami Scholars has UET got.

The only sub-standard thing at UET is its Islamiat department. My suggestion: Convert it to Fine Arts department. everything will be OK afterwards.

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RE: Islamic Sudies in UET

Two things:

(1) The syllabus of Islamic Studies in UET was a well planned one and most of it was not taken from Matric, FSc. etc. I am particularly referring to the translation/explanation of some surah from Holy Quran. Nobody teaches Surah Hujraat, Surah Furqan, and Surah Noor in Matric/FSc. Also the selection of hadith was pretty good.

(2) The Islamic studies department was monopolized by teachers belonging to a certain sect (Ahl-e-hadeeth, to be precise). Not only that they preached their version of Islam but they were also quite uni-dimensional and narrow minded in their thinking. I can also narate several examples like the one cited by Charlie.

Personally I am not against teaching Islamic Studies as well as other humanity subjects in UET. As engineers, we should not just focus on hard core engineering but should be able to view the world in a non-engineering manner as well


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RE: Books on Islamiat

you wants books on islamiat
Isalm is a perfect code of life and covers the whole aspects of life.
hoon you need books on islamiat
kis walk of life say mutalik

anyhow ferozsons is a good publicher
the books u narrated are of good writers

haan a book is writen by our madam also
Mishal ae rah
written by miss samar fatima
published by ferozsons

Madam has refered this book for so many times
it wouild be helpful

Btw. I havenot go through that book so far

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"What is the prescribed book at UET and where could I buy it?"

Accidently I got my hands on my last years notebook. I remembered that I had also got the sharaf of attending the first lecture of ISLAMIYAT where the teacher dictated us the course for 3rd year/5th term.

I am not sure if the whole course was taught or not as that was my first and last lecture as well. Anyway, here are the topics. 

1) aijaaz-ul-quran

2) Quran-e-karim ki tafseer kay usooL  

3) Sura'h Luqmaan

4) Sura'h Noor

5) Tadween-e-Hadith

6) Sihaa-e-sitha aur uss k muta'lqin

7) Jihad fi Sabil-e-Allah aur iss ki farziaaT aur ahmiyyaT

8) Islami Muaa'shi Nizam

9) Sermaya darana Nizam aur Communism ka muwazna

10) Mazahib-e-Alam ka taqabuli jaiza (hinduism, budhism, judaism, christianity and Islam)

11) Seerat-u-Nabbi (may Allah peace be upon Him)

12) Ghuzwaat; Ghuzwa-e-badar, Uhad, Khandaq, Hudaibia-treaty, Fatah-e-Makkah and Khubta-e-Khujjat-ul-widah

13) Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon Him) as a Human Being.


And we have a combine paper of Pakistan Studies so heres P-S ...

1) Qiyam-e-Pakistan k baad Pakistan ko derpaish ibditai Mushkilaat. :)

2) Arz-e-Pakistan, geography, resources, education, labour, Industries.

3) Evolution history of constitutions and Islamic quotes in the Constitution 1956,62 and 73.

4) Pakistan's Relations with KSA, Turkey, IRAN.

5) Islaic Conference, Islamic bank, Raabta-e-Islami

6) Future of Muslims in Pakistan and their destination. 


"What is the prescribed book at UET and where could I buy it?"

I have no idea about any specific book but waseem photocopier, MBQ etc zindabad. You are most welcome to ask me, to arrange a set of notes, on your next visit.


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